Unicorn Color Change Mood Choker


Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Necklace Type: Chokers Necklaces
Pendant Size: 30MM

The colors of the ring, bracelet or necklace change based upon your emotional state. The mood jewelry pieces all contain a thermotropic liquid inside them. As the wearer’s body temperature changes, the crystals in the liquid react to this change accordingly change in color. 

Thus, mood rings and mood necklaces work on the principle that a change in the liquid crystal temperature causes a change in their color.

When a person wears a mood ring or a mood necklace, the crystals inside the jewelry react to the body’s core temperature. 

Mood jewelry colors generally come with a color chart that explains what each color on the jewelry symbolizes. 

Black – This is the color of the ring or mood necklace when it is not worn by the user. However, if your mood jewelry is showing this color while it is in contact with your skin, then it indicates negative emotions such as anger, stress or anxiety. You are overworked or feeling harried.

White– White color on the mood ring indicates a person who is confused, bored, or even frustrated.

Grey– Grey color mood ring on necklace is a sign of some stress or discomfort or just the beginning of indication of anxiety. As the stress levels rise, the mood necklace colors might shift to black.

Yellow– If your mood bracelet is showing yellow, it symbolizes you are mellow, distracted, cool, a bit anxious and also cautious.

Orange– Mood color chart states that orange on the mood ring indicates stress, nervousness, mixed emotions, confusion, upset, challenge or indignation.

Brown– Brown color on the mood ring or necklace means nervousness or a person being ‘on the edge’. 

Amber– Amber color on the mood ring means a range of emotions such as the person is surprised or anxious or nervous or upset.

Pink– Pink on the mood ring indicates the beginning state of arousal or mild interest.

Red– Red is a color of passion. So, a red mood ring or mood bracelet or mood necklace color indicates a person’s anger or romantic passion.

Green –Green is the color of calm and peace, and a person having this color on the mood ring or mood necklace indicates he has no feelings of stress, anxiety or nervousness.

Blue-Green/Aqua– This is a color of alertness with calmness and peace.

Blue– Light blue shade on the mood ring indicates that the user is happy and feeling social.

Dark Blue-The happiness has increased and the person is feeling ecstatic, deeply relaxed, in love, blissful or joyful.

Violet/Burgundy or Purple- means a variety of emotions such as romance, dream, love, and sense of purpose, a go-get attitude, mischievous, amorous, and sensual.


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